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The Woodcocks of East Kent

Our own Woodcock family story begins in Stonar House, Sandwich, Kent, towards the end of the 17th Century. As our genealogical research moved back through the generations it was at this point that we hit the proverbial brick wall. Who knows where this line of Woodcocks were before William Woodcock took up residence at Stonar House? Perhaps in time someone will find a clue, but for now this gentleman has to be regarded as the founder of our Woodcock dynasty!

Names of other Woodcocks appear from time to time in and around the town of Sandwich, individuals and family groups, and most, perhaps all of them probably belong to this same dynasty. We might establish definite connections for some, but for others we will never know. In addition to the main genealogy reports, notes will be added to this page, where appropriate, that might help future family historians to find a place for these presently unconnected Woodcock characters...

The descendants of William Woodcock (c.1685) of Stonar House, Sandwich, Kent
The descendants of William Woodcock (1759-1822) of Walmer, Kent
The descendants of Richard Woodcock (1798) of Walmer, Kent

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