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Scolopax rusticola

What is this all about? Well, in due course there will be a selection of useful and interesting documents, pictures and genealogical information relating to our Woodcock family, beginning in East Kent, England, in the mid-17th century.

Chris & Angela Woodcock

This is the main collection of information on our own Woodcock family line, beginning with William Woodcock of Sandwich, Kent, England (born c.1685).

Here we have assembled a large amount of genealogical data on other families connected to our Woodcock line, including Annear, Coffin, Daunt, Galloway, Grayling, Hacker, Jenkins, Kettle, Milton, O'Donovan, Owen, Wyatt and many more.

Interesting bits and pieces! Various documents, photographs, and other stuff relating to the Woodcocks and connected families.

An assortment of information, mainly genealogy reports on Woodcock families not directly connected to our own. Also links to other websites where you can find genealogical information on Woodcock families.

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